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Our class rules are simple:
1. Be nice.
2. Do what you know is right.
Welcome to 1F

It is going to be a great year! Thank you for getting all of your supplies. (Supply lists are posted on the School 2 homepage.) Be sure to label your crayons, markers, gluesticks and pencils with your name. Please keep in mind, that it is best to sharpen pencils at home as not to disrupt class. Let's try to keep 12 sharpened pencils in our cases each week so we are ready to learn!


Print out and complete any of the math worksheets found on our class Fusion Page and you can earn stickers! Try any of the more challenging ideas or projects in the Reading or Writing folders and you can earn a prize from the treasure box! 
Ask me for more details.


Home-School Connection
For more information about the curriculum, please look under Files for details about our Math Topics, Weekly Reading Themes and Spelling Lists.

Homework: Please refer to the weekly homework sheet in your child's folder. If your child misplaces their sheet, please notify me and I will be happy to provide a new one. 

March News
First Grade kicked off March by celebrating Read Across America Day. The students enjoyed visits from guest readers and learning about the amazing author, Dr. Seuss.

As readers, we learned to use strategies to keep track of and remember information from a story in order to have a more meaningful reading experience. At home, try keeping track of information by using a graphic organizer, sticky notes, or a bookmark.

In math, we learned how to add and subtract two-digit numbers. At home, provide your child with 29 cubes or other small objects. Have your child show 29 – 17 = 12. Work together to write a related addition sentence.

In social studies, we read biographies of famous women who made important contributions to the world. The students compiled facts in a booklet to take home and share with their families.
February News
In February, we read biographies of famous African-Americans and created a book of facts. The students enjoyed exploring this new genre and creating their own mini-biographies.
In reading, we began to examine informational texts. Students learned that nonfiction books open doors to information about the world and great readers use reading strategies as “keys” to access that information. At home, encourage your child to read nonfiction books.
In math, students learned how to show numbers as tens and ones. At home, count 100 small objects with your child, such as popcorn kernels or pebbles. Work with your child to arrange the objects in groups of 10. Glue the groups of 10 in place on craft sticks, index cards, or construction paper.
January News
January has been a busy month. We learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and brainstormed ways we can keep his dream alive today by solving our problems peacefully.

In reading, we learned most stories have similar elements, such as a main character, setting, and a plot that involves resolving a problem. Good readers learn to recognize and ask questions about this basic “story grammar.” At home, encourage your child to recognize the characters and setting of a fiction story. Ask, What problem does the main character have in this story?

In math, children learned different ways to count to 120. At home, give your child 20 small objects, such as pennies. Count the objects with your child. Then guide him or her to make two groups of 10. Have your child count by 10’s. Give your child 30 or 40 objects. Have him or her group the objects and count by 10’s, 5's and 2's.
December News
This month, we shared our families’ different holiday traditions and customs and practiced with Mrs. Delaney for our school sing-a-long.

In math, we learned different ways to solve addition facts with sums up to 20. At home, write the numbers 1 through 12 on small pieces of paper. Put them in a bag. Have your child pull out a number and tell you whether they can make a doubles fact that would have that number as a sum.

In reading, we learned that good readers connect what they read to their own lives and to other books. At home, practice making connections. Ask your child, What experiences in your own life does this story make me think of? or How does this book remind you of another book you have read?
November News
This month, we discussed what we are most thankful for. We also became geologists as we worked on our science investigations. In math, we learned to show numbers on a ten-frame and as parts of ten. We also explored different ways to add and subtract numbers with sums and differences within 12. In reading, we discovered how to use a book’s title, pictures, and words as clues to help predict what we might read in a text. At home, practice making predictions by reading the title and looking at the pictures on the cover. We also learned to be curious and ask questions about books in order to be active readers. At home, encourage your child to ask questions about a book’s title and pictures.
October News
October was a productive month in First Grade! The children are becoming more and more independent each day. Here are some highlights from the month:
  • In math, the students learned how to subtract a part from the whole to find the missing part. At home, try singing a backward counting song, using your fingers to show the action.
  • In Reading Workshop, we practiced building our reading stamina by rereading our favorite books. At home, try providing opportunities for your child to select a favorite book and ask them to tell why it is a favorite.
  • In Writing Workshop, students learned how to select a topic and focus on that chosen topic. Students were guided to apply their knowledge of sentence structure by focusing on capitalization, punctuation and spelling.
  • Our FOSS science module provided many opportunities for our students to engage in scientific and engineering practices such as observing, describing and comparing the properties of rocks.
  • In social studies, students learned about their responsibilities as classmates and explored ways to get along in school.

We look forward to the coming months and sharing our families’ holiday traditions.
September News
September has been an exciting month in first grade. Students have learned their routines and are beginning to develop Good Habits in reading with our reading program, Good Habits, Great Readers. Using the five-finger rule, the children have been practicing choosing “just right” books by looking for books that are hard enough to learn new things, but easy enough for them to understand and enjoy. At home, please continue to create structures and routines to support reading at home. smiley
Welcome to First Grade!
Welcome to First Grade!
First grade is a special time for every child. It is exciting to watch each student grow by leaps and bounds. Together, we will work hard to boost your child’s reading, writing and math skills. We will also expand their knowledge of familiar topics, as well as explore new ones, in social studies and science.

Here are a few things you need to know as we kick off the new school year:

Please remember to send in a healthy snack each day for your child.
Order forms for snack milk will be distributed monthly, you may choose to order milk or send in a drink from home. Children eat while listening to a story each morning. Snacktime typically lasts 10-15 minutes.

Each month you will receive the lunch menu for School #2. Please review with your child each morning their choices so they are prepared to order at school. This saves a lot of time and allows us to begin our lessons promptly.

Specials for the 2016-2017 School Year:
Monday: Library (Please remember to return your books on time!)
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Gym (Please remember to wear sneakers.)
Friday: Gym (Please remember to wear sneakers.)

Contacting me:
You can call or email me, but please keep in mind the best way to relay an important message is by sending a note in your child’s folder. This is especially true for any changes to your child’s dismissal routine.
Phone: To leave me a phone message, dial (201) 585-4630 ext. 2617

Math drills for increasing speed and accuracy.
These charts contain common vowel and consonant sounds young students need to practice to boost their reading and spelling skills.
Tips for improving reading skills.
Resources to help improve your child's spelling.
Resources for motivating young writers.

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